About Mary

Mary A. Fischer is an established media professional with 20 years experience writing and editing for national magazines, eBooks and web blogs. She contributes to The Atlantic, Pacific Standard magazine, AARP, Men’s Journal and Scotusblog. Other credits include: GQ, New York, Rolling Stone, Los Angels Times, O-Oprah and Los Angeles Magazine, among others.


For seven years, she was a staff senior writer for GQ, during which time two of her investigative stories were finalists for the National Magazine Award, and another won the prestigious John Bartlow Martin award.

Known for favoring under-reported ideas and stories, Mary’s work has impacted issues related to public policy, criminal justice, social justice and medicine/healthcare.  Her in-depth reporting led to breaking news in a number of high-profile trends and cases, among them: the battle over Larry Hillblom’s fortune, the McMartin Preschool child molestation case, the Oklahoma prison beating death of Kenneth Trentadue, rise of child fatalities from vehicle back-over accidents, former Black Panther Geronimo Pratt’s wrongful murder conviction, and “the untold story” of the ’93 Michael Jackson case.


Since 2009, Mary has specialized in creating and editing web and blog content for news, business and healthcare sites.  In 2010, she co-reported the acclaimed national report, Platform for Prejudice: How the Nationwide Suspicious Activities Reporting Initiative Institutionalizes Domestic Surveillance, Invites Racial Profiling and Erodes Civil Liberties, published by Political Research Associates, Boston.

An independent television producer since 2008, several of Mary’s ideas and stories have been developed into TV pilots and CBS and NBC newsmagazine segments.


She lives in Los Angeles and pursues her other passions of yoga, gardening, her friends—human and animal–and news and politics.